Valve factory foundry base

It adopts advanced alkaline phenolic resin sand production technology, and is equipped with one intermediate frequency furnace of 6 tons, two sets of 3 tons, and one set of 1 ton.

Automatic production workshop

Continuously upgraded large-scale equipment, such as advanced CNC machining centers, spray casting automatic production lines.

Modern testing equipment

Equipped with modern testing and material testing equipment to ensure customer requirements for casting quality.

Excellent R&D team

It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with Chinese GB, American ANSI, German DIN, Japanese JIS and other standards.



Zhejiang Changyi Valve Co., Ltd. is one professional stainless steel valve manufacturer who incorporates scientific research, manufacturing, trading in an integral whole process. We owned rich product design.experience of producing under the quality control system and after-sales service.

Changyi valve with advanced manufacturing processes to produce, all products were used according to different standard of GB, ANSI, DIN& JIS.

The main products include one, two or three piece thread ball valve, one, two or three piece flange ball valve, quick connectors, T-port and L-port three-way ball valve, thread and flange type gate valve, globe valve, strainer, check valves, high platform ball valve, sanitary valves, fittings, pneumatic electric valves series, investment precision casting products, stainless steel ball and other stainless steel products. The main material according to the using media, different temperatures were made of carbon steel, stainless steel, low temperature steel, alloy steel, duplex stainless steel, high temperature special steel; separate transmission mode can be selected manual, gear, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and so on.

Strength changyi

It is a professional stainless steel valve enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales.
It has rich experience in product design and processing and manufacturing and a complete quality control and after-sales service system.

  • Technology
  • Technology R&D

    Using advanced manufacturing technology, it is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with Chinese GB, American ANSI, German DIN, Japanese JIS and other standards. Grasp the market trend, keep pace with the times, and constantly innovate, under the background of the new era, with scientific research and innovation as the core, to lay a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.

  • Casting
  • Casting process

    Our company uses casting software analysis integration system--CAE11.0/-Cast to simulate and analyze the products from modeling to pouring to forming. Combining with rich casting experience, the company puts forward reasonable process plan, and constantly improves and perfects the process to ensure the internal quality of products.

  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing

    From the advanced position precision foundry to the fully automated production workshop, on the basis of gradually integrating the whole industry chain, we still emphasize human-machine collaboration, to integrate precisely the efficient machines with meticulous craftsmanship spirit to give temperature and life for each product. Behind the excellent quality is the adherence and interpretation by each Changyi person for the corporate values of "Prosperity with the world".

Keep improving to create brilliance

Changyi is committed to providing customers
with excellent products and services

Product center

The main products include one, two or three piece thread ball valve, one, two or three piece flange ball valve, quick connectors,
T-port and L-port three-way ball valve, thread and flange type gate valve, globe valve, strainer, check valves, high platform ball valve, sanitary valves,
fittings, pneumatic electric valves series, investment precision casting products, stainless steel ball and other stainless steel products.

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